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From food and beverage to industrial and automotive, we offer products for a wide array of industries and applications. Working with us, you can be confident in finding a responsive packaging partner and the perfect custom packaging solution for your product.
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    Automotive & Aerospace
    Custom Automotive Packaging

Transporting automotive components often requires creative logistics and an innovative packaging system. Class A packaging is necessary for coated or painted products. Automotive dunnage involves sturdy materials, such as a combination of wood, custom foam packaging, corrugated plastic and corrugated paperboard.

Whether you need a bin, tote or rack for custom dunnage, heavy-duty wood crates, protective foam packaging or a corrugated paper box shipping solution, our one-stop shop approach means you can find everything you need right here. From design and creation to piece part and component assembly, we offer long-lasting, highly durable custom packaging solutions backed by decades of automotive packaging experience.

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    Military & Government
    Heavy-Duty Packaging Systems

We are proud to provide custom packaging solutions that meet mil-spec standards for military and government applications around the globe. We have a long history of working with the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy and many other major defense contractors to deliver innovative packaging options to far-flung theaters of operation. Our robust packaging systems are engineered to withstand the global transportation network and long-term storage requirements. When your supplies must arrive combat-ready, our experienced team offers design, manufacturing and even piece part and component assembly for a full-service packaging solution. We offer HT certified wood crates and pallets, corrugated paper, corrugated plastic and custom foam packaging to ensure the very best in terms of protection and preservation.

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ALTEX Packaging for Military & Government Sector
  • Industrial industry icon
    Industrial & Commercial
    Innovative Packaging Systems
ALTEX Packaging industrial packaging

Every product is unique. So why would you trust an off-the-shelf packaging system? We offer custom industrial packaging solutions that blend HT certified packing wood, corrugated paper, corrugated plastic and custom foam packaging to provide the best dunnage or shipping solution for your product. From commercial food packaging to specialized shipping for solar panels and safety equipment, our experienced team offers full-service support, including design, manufacturing and even piece part and component assembly for hassle-free shipping. Our facilities are all ISO 9001:2000 certified, and we can design for mil-spec and Class A packaging applications.

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    Protective Packaging Products

Electronic products have special shipping considerations and our experienced team has access to the solutions your products require. We use a variety of designs, such as end caps, that incorporate antistatic or static conductive foams to protect against electrostatic charges. You can rely on our expertise to help protect your products and their components during transit.

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ALTEX Packaging electronics packaging
ALTEX Packaging food packaging
  • Food industry icon
    Food & Beverage
    Creative Food & Drink Packaging Boxes

Before customers ever take their first bite or sip, they’re enticed by the story your custom packaging tells. Our environmentally friendly food & beverage packaging options can help you stand out on the shelf, in the freezer, or at the counter.

We offer several paperboard cartons ideal for primary and secondary food & beverage packaging. Choose from a variety of recyclable wet-strength boards for sustainable packaging that holds up to temperature changes, condensation and transportation.

Our custom food packaging boxes and point-of-purchase displays are used for a number of products including spirits, frozen foods like ice cream, popsicles and seafood, as well as fresh and packaged bakery goods including donuts, cookies and cakes. Our one-stop-shop approach means we can support you with branding and packaging that meets your unique needs from initial design to final product.

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  • Medical Industry Icon
    Medical & Pharmaceutical
    Custom Product Packaging

Safe shipping is a top priority in medical and pharmaceutical applications. Our experienced team offers custom engineered primary and secondary packaging materials for pharmaceutical and medical products that ensure safe delivery. We offer corrugated paper, corrugated plastic and custom foam packaging to provide the best shipping solution for your product.

As a full-service printing and packaging shop we can also help you design high-end packaging for pharmaceutical retail products, such as CBD oil or other specialty products, using a variety folding carton packaging options.

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ALTEX Packaging medical & pharmaceutical packaging
ALTEX Packaging cosmetic packaging
  • Health industry icon
    Health & Beauty
    Retail Ready Packaging Systems

Let our experienced team help you design the ideal luxury cosmetic packaging. We can provide primary and secondary packaging options that will make your product stand out on the shelves. From custom bath bomb boxes to CBD oil packaging, we offer full-service branding and packaging support. Our experienced team can help you choose the right corrugated paper packaging, finish and more, resulting in a unique design that marries beauty and function. As a one-stop printing and packaging shop, we can also offer graphic services and point-of-purchase display options to create a cohesive, branded packaging system.

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