Class A Surface

Total Protection for Your Products

Coated or painted products and components require special packaging to ensure they arrive at their destination in pristine condition. We offer a comprehensive catalogue of plastic and foam packaging materials for use with Class A surfaces. Whether you are looking for expendable electronics packaging or long-lasting automotive dunnage, our experienced team can help you create the ideal custom packaging solution to fit your needs. From start to finish, we work with you to design, fabricate, and even assemble your product for hassle-free packaging. Click below for more information on our Class A packaging options.

Beaded Polyethylene

Versatile packing foam solution

Beaded polyethylene is a low-cost, highly versatile foam packaging material for expendable and returnable applications. It is suitable for Class A surface products such as printed or coated parts and automotive dunnage packaging. We offer start-to-finish services from design to custom fabrication to ensure a superior protective foam packaging solution for commercial, industrial, military, and automotive packaging. We can also accommodate any level of assembly for a turn-key custom packaging solution.


Economic Class A packaging solution

Worldcell is a unique hybrid foam board that offers the rigidity of solid plastic without the price. It is highly durable and non-marking, making it ideal for partitions and custom dunnage requiring Class A packaging. Worldcell provides a long-lasting returnable packaging solution for several industries including health and beauty, medical, industrial, commercial, electronics, government, military and automotive.

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Plastic Corrugated Containers

Highly Durable Returnable Packaging Solution

Corrugated plastic provides a durable, cost-effective solution for long-term returnable packaging programs such as automotive dunnage. We offer two plastic corrugated packaging options. Our fluted plastic can be finished with spunbond, brushed nylon, and other non-woven materials to provide protection in Class A packaging. We also offer non-fluted plastic corrugated material that is rigid in all directions for superior strength with stacking and other demanding applications. Thanks to extensive in-house capabilities, we can provide custom corrugated plastic products including printing, die cutting, sonic welding and assembly into bulk bins or hand-held totes. Our experienced team is right there with you, from design to final product, for an ideal custom packaging solution.

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