Custom Solutions for Shipping Your Products

Safe transportation of works in progress during the assembly process is important for maintaining lead times and overall product quality. We offer custom dunnage that can be manufactured from a broad choice of materials including wood, foam products, corrugated paperboard, corrugated plastic, and solid plastic sheets with several Class A packaging options available. We work with manufacturers in a number of industries to provide solutions for medical, industrial, aerospace, automotive and more. Whether you need a bulk bin, handheld tote or custom rack foam, our one-stop shop approach means we work with you to provide long-lasting, highly durable custom packaging solutions that will get your components from point A to point B safely and unmarked. Click below for more on our dunnage packaging options.

Polyethylene Foam

Versatile Packing Foam Solutions

A mainstay of protective packaging, polyethylene foam (PE) is commonly used for industrial, military, medical, electronics and automotive packaging.

  • Densities ranging from 0.9 lb. to 9.0 lb
  • Highly adaptive
  • Lower density laminated and extruded plank: economical solutions for lighter weight requirements
  • Higher density laminated and extruded plank: maximum protection for heavier or more fragile items
  • Ideal for end caps, corner pads, case inserts, kitting trays, slip sheets and more.

Beaded Polyethylene

Versatile packing foam solution

Beaded polyethylene is a low-cost, highly versatile foam packaging material for expendable and returnable applications. It is suitable for Class A surface products such as printed or coated parts and automotive dunnage packaging. We offer start-to-finish services from design to custom fabrication to ensure a superior protective foam packaging solution for commercial, industrial, military, and automotive packaging. We can also accommodate any level of assembly for a turn-key custom packaging solution.

Beaded Polypropylene

Custom foam inserts for safe shipping

Beaded polypropylene is specially designed for packing and dunnage shipping situations requiring additional protection over standard polyethylene foam. This heat resistant material is used for blocking and bracing in commercial, industrial, electronics, military, government, and automotive packaging. As part of a complete custom foam packaging solution, beaded polypropylene helps ensure delicate products make it to their destination intact.

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Economic Class A packaging solution

Worldcell is a unique hybrid foam board that offers the rigidity of solid plastic without the price. It is highly durable and non-marking, making it ideal for partitions and custom dunnage requiring Class A packaging. Worldcell provides a long-lasting returnable packaging solution for several industries including health and beauty, medical, industrial, commercial, electronics, government, military and automotive.

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Corrugated Paper Packaging

Corrugated paper packaging offers cushioning properties that effectively absorb shocks during transportation.

  • Flexibility to conform to product shapes
  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Recyclable

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