Sustainability & ALTEX Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging solutions for a sustainable future.

We’re committed to doing our part in promoting sustainability – leaving our communities and environment better than we found them. That means working every day to improve our personal and business practices to ensure a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Products and Practices

All our corrugated paper sheets include recycled paper content, making them an eco-friendly packaging option. The amount of recycled material will vary depending on the board grade and application. We use environmentally friendly water-based inks and coatings for our corrugated paper products. These are completely biodegradable, breaking down naturally in landfills.

Living our Values

All of our brands work to recycle as much scrap material as possible. For our corrugated paper materials, this includes baling conversions and reselling them to manufacturers for use in additional materials. Wooden pallets are reused internally and shared with clients when possible. Additionally, we’ve been recycling our scrap foam products for more than three decades. All our excess urethane foam is shipped to a manufacturer and used to make carpet padding. Our cross-linked polyethylene scrap foam—a notoriously difficult substance to recycle—is converted into playground underlayment, putting it to valuable use and keeping it out of landfills.

We recycle 100% of our corrugated paper scrap material and 85% of our foam scrap material. We upgraded our recycling capabilities in 2019 with a machine that allows us to melt more of our scrap foam into “bricks” to be sent to recyclers and we are continuing our efforts to increase the percentage of foam scrap material we recycle.

Crafting a Better World

When you partner with us, you are taking positive action for your brand, your community and the environment at large. Sustainability becomes more than just words when businesses and the people behind them come together in the effort. Let’s craft a better world, one package at a time.

ALTEX Packaging recycling cardboard
ALTEX Packaging cardboard recycling


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