Foam Packaging

Protect Your Products with Custom Solutions

Ensure your product arrives intact with a custom foam packaging system. We offer a selection of polyurethane and polyethylene foam packing materials as well as beaded polyethylene and polypropylene packaging for the automotive, government, military, and industrial markets. From returnable dunnage to custom cut packaging foam for fragile items, our experienced team works with you to design and fabricate the perfect shipping solution. Our extensive in-house capabilities include custom die cutting, slitting, and skiving, routing, waterjet cutting and several types of laminating. We can also accommodate every level of assembly for turn-key custom packaging solutions.

Polyethylene Foam

Versatile Packing Foam Solutions

Polyethylene foam (PE) offers excellent protection for your product. Widely used for industrial, military, medical, electronics and automotive packaging. PE plank is a mainstay of protective packaging.

  • Densities ranging from 0.9 lb. to 9.0 lb
  • Highly adaptive
  • Lower density laminated and extruded plank: economical solutions for lighter weight requirements
  • Higher density laminated and extruded plank: maximum protection for heavier or more fragile items
  • Ideal for end caps, corner pads, case inserts, kitting trays, slip sheets and more.

Polyurethane Foam Rubber

When Flexibility is Key

Polyurethane foam rubber (PU) provides excellent cushioning and resiliency for packaging  industrial, medical, electronics (anti-static), military goods and for case inserts.

  • Light, medium and firm grades of polyether and polyester foams
  • Light and firm anti-static and polyether options
  • Die-cut options available
  • Packaging systems for custom dunnage and shipping

Cross Linked Polyethylene

Maximum Strength and Durability

Cross-linked polyethylene foam packaging combines flexibility and durability for exceptional results in returnable dunnage and shipping applications.

  • Densities ranging from 2.0 lb. to 15.0 lb.
  • Ideal for automotive dunnage and other products requiring Class A surface protection
  • Excellent cushioning for industrial and consumer products, electronics, flotation, gasketing, case inserts, WIP dunnage, tool control for FOD containment and more
  • Design assistance available

Beaded Polyethylene

Light and Strong Packing Solution

Beaded polyethylene  (EPE) is a low-cost, highly versatile foam packaging material for expendable and returnable applications.

  • Standard densities include EPE130 (1.3 lb.), EPE190, EPE 230 and EPE 280
  • White and black colors available
  • Strong, protective profile for Class A surface protection for printed or coated parts and automotive  packaging
  • Start-to-finish servicesavailable from design to custom fabrication

Beaded Polypropylene

Tough, Durable and Hi-temp Compatible

Beaded polypropylene is specially designed for packing and dunnage shipping situations requiring additional protection over standard polyethylene foam.

  • Heat resistant materials for blocking and bracing
  • Protects delicate products


Economic Class A Packaging Solution

Worldcell is a unique hybrid foam board that offers the rigidity of solid plastic without the price.

Anti-Static Foam Packaging

Protect Your Products from Electrostatic Damage

Anti-static foam, typically denoted by its pink coloring, slowly dissipates electrostatic charges created from friction during movement. If more electrostatic protection is required, static conductive foams can be used. These foams create a blanket around your product blocking out all electrostatic charges.

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