Robust Solutions From Start to Finish

From design to component assembly, we take care of the details. Our team provides decades of experience in food, beverage, industrial, military and automotive packaging. With extensive in-house capabilities, we offer a true partnership to guarantee a robust custom packaging solution for your unique product.

ALTEX Packaging package design

Package Design

We offer fully integrated primary and secondary packaging and work with you to design every aspect, from the exterior corrugated box or wooden shipping container to the interior custom foam packaging system. Our packaging designers understand the specifications you need to ensure structural integrity for your product.

ALTEX Packaging graphic design services

Graphic Design

Our experienced team offers professional graphic design assistance for any component of your custom printed packaging system. We can handle:

ALTEX Packaging Pre Press


Our thorough review process ensures your unique packaging system looks just as you envisioned. We offer:

  • Proofing for halftone dot screening and broad-spectrum spot colors
  • Web-based color proofing
  • Plate imaging via computer-to-plate technology
  • Secure storage of graphic files
  • Full-color, high-quality mock-ups and CAD samples
  • And more.
ALTEX Packaging Printing Service


Our experienced team offers professional color printing for corrugated plastic and corrugated cardboard products. To help ensure high-quality results for your custom printed packaging, we:

  • Closely monitor and control registration, color and copy trapping to ensure a consistent image from one press run to another
  • Fingerprint our presses with dot grain and distortion values programmed into our pre-press software
  • Use large-format, sheet-fed lithographic presses with up to seven colors, plus coating capabilities for paperboard packaging
  • Offer quality printing for both long and sort production runs
ALTEX Packaging package finishing


We offer a complete line of finishing equipment to create truly beautiful packaging for your unique product. Options include:

  • Windowing
  • Folding and gluing
  • UV coating
  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Matte finish
  • Soft touch
  • Stitching
ALTEX Packaging vertical integration

Vertical Integration

Our brand family allows us to offer turnkey solutions across a number of industries, including food, beverage, automotive and industrial packaging. From initial design to customized packaging solutions that blend wood, corrugated materials and foam, our vertically integrated process guarantees efficiency every step of the way.

ISO 9001 Certification Logo

ISO Certification

Our API Packaging Solutions facility is in conformance with ISO 9001:2015 standards for contract assembly, packaging services, design, foam fabrication and manufacture of corrugated boxes, pallets and wood crates. This certification assures that our processes and quality systems are aligned with the rigorous international standards for quality management systems required by our government and commercial customers.

ALTEX Packaging Mil-Spec


We successfully meet military standards and specifications required by the U.S. Department of Defense. Shipping to combat theaters across the globe requires innovative packaging solutions engineered to withstand transportation and long-term storage requirements. Our experienced team has the knowledge and equipment to ensure supplies arrive combat ready.

ALTEX Packaging HT Certified Wood

HT Certified Wood

We use only heat-treated certified wood for our custom pallets and wood shipping crates. This ensures your product is delivered to international customers undamaged and without customs delays.

ALTEX Packaging inventory management

Inventory Management

Seamless with government and commercial customers, inventory is maintained at 100% visibility with the capacity to react to rapidly changing demands.

ALTEX Packaging Assemblies (Turn-Key)

Assemblies/Kitting (Turn-Key)

Our assembly options help keep your productivity on track throughout the production cycle. From bulk bin assembly to piece part and component assembly for automotive packaging, our experienced team can help streamline your process.

convoluting for superior protection


We offer convoluting services for superior protection when shipping delicate items. Convoluted foam is a low-cost solution for shipping your product enclosed in a protective polyurethane environment.

ALTEX Packaging die cutting

Die Cutting

In-house die cutting capabilities provide a high-quality, higher-speed manufacturing operation to handle your packaging needs. Our Atlanta Foam facility has several hydraulic full head beam die presses that can cut foams and plastic corrugate, as well as a flatbed roller press to cut larger plastic corrugated sheets.

ALTEX Packaging laminating


Laminating processes are a vital tool for fabricating foam packaging. Our laminating processes allow foam and other substrates to be layered in your custom configuration for optimal results. We offer several laminating and adhesive options, including:

  • Hot Melt Laminating
  • Heat Bonding
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Solvent Based Adhesive
  • Specialty Laminating
  • Sonic Welding
ALTEX Packaging Slitting & Skiving

Slitting & Skiving

As a full-service foam packaging provider, we perform slitting and skiving in house. This allows us to tailor each solution for optimal protection — including custom thickness and widths — as well as maintain high quality standards.

ALTEX Packaging CNC machine

CNC Routing

We offer state-of-the-art CNC routing which allows for precise, high-quality custom foam packaging for even the most challenging products. CNC routing uses computer-driven technology for fast, accurate results. This guarantees uniform, cost-effective packaging at any volume.

ALTEX Packaging water jet cutting machine

Waterjet Cutting

With in-house waterjet cutting capabilities, we can cut thicker materials without the deflection, cut higher density materials and run smaller quantities without tooling costs. We also offer 5-axis waterjet cutting for more complex parts that require angles to be cut.

ALTEX Packaging Just in time delivery

Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery

We work with you to develop a packaging delivery schedule that minimizes inventory and maximizes your efficiency. Just-in-time delivery helps streamline your process, balancing raw material shipments with production schedules to optimize your workflow and reduce inventory costs.


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