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We’re dedicated to your success, and that includes helping you find the information you’re looking for to create your custom packaging solution. If your question isn’t answered below, contact our team to learn more about how we can help your business thrive.

How long have you been in business?

The brands under the ALTEX umbrella offer decades of specialized packaging experience. Whether you’re looking for foam packing materials, corrugated paper boxes or a fully integrated custom packaging solution, our team has the knowledge and cutting-edge capabilities to assist you every step of the way. Brands include:

What types of packaging products do you sell?

We offer a diverse portfolio of packaging materials and capabilities, making us truly a one-stop shop for everything from primary and secondary packaging to custom packaging solutions and displays. Through our various brands we provide step-by-step assistance with:

I need packaging for my product. Where do I begin?

Whether you are looking for a single component to optimize your current packaging system or are starting from scratch, our team of packaging experts is ready to assist you. Get started by contacting our team of experienced packaging experts, who will walk you through the path to creating your customized solution.

Do you make custom printed corrugated shipping boxes?

Yes. Our experienced team can help you create corrugated paper boxes, containers or tubes for your unique product whether you’re looking for custom packaging for small business or branded packaging for a global enterprise. With our in-house printers we can accommodate multi-color printing and die-cutting capabilities.

Do you custom manufacture plastic corrugated materials?

Yes. We work with fluted and non-fluted corrugated plastic for a number of applications including bulk bins, corrugated plastic totes, point-of-purchase displays and more. With our in-house printers we can accommodate multi-color printing  die-cutting capabilities.

What kinds of foams do you fabricate?

We work with a wide range of foam materials to provide the perfect shipping solution for your product. We stock common densities of polyurethane and polyethylene foam packing materials and will work with you to procure specialty foams to meet your specs. Our foam products include:

  • High density polyethylene foam (HDPE)
  • Polyethylene foam (PE)
  • Polyurethane foam rubber
  • Cross linked polyethylene
  • Beaded polyethylene (EPE)
  • Beaded polypropylene (EPP)
  • Worldcell

Are your wooden pallets & crates customizable?

Yes. We offer custom shipping pallets and wood crates. These are fully integrated into our custom packaging solutions for heavy-duty shipping and dunnage to ensure safe delivery to any corner of the globe.

What kind of dunnage do you offer?

We work with manufacturers in a number of industries to provide long-lasting, highly durable custom dunnage solutions. Our diverse portfolio and cutting-edge capabilities allow us to provide bins, totes, racks and more using plastic, foam, corrugated and other heavy-duty materials, including several Class A appropriate options.

Can your products meet Class A surface requirements?

We offer a comprehensive catalogue of plastic and foam packaging materials for use with Class A surfaces. Options include:

Do you have art and design capabilities?

Yes. We offer creative and practical structural design services to ensure your custom packaging system not only looks good, but also provides adequate protection for your product. Additionally, our in-house graphics design team can help with logos, graphics and point-of-purchase displays.

Can you meet mil-spec?

Yes. We have a long, successful history of providing custom packaging solutions for government and military contractors, including the US Department of Defense.

Can you help with component assembly?

Yes. We offer piece part and component assembly for industrial and automotive packaging to keep your productivity on track throughout the production cycle.

Are your wood products HT certified?

Yes. We use only HT certified wood for our custom-built pallets and wooden shipping containers, and all packing wood products can be designed to meet mil-spec and EU shipping standards. Custom wood crates and shipping pallets are an important part of a well-designed custom packaging solution. Using only certified materials ensure on-time, hassle-free delivery.

Do you recycle?

Yes. We’re committed to doing our part in promoting sustainability. We recycle all possible scrap product, including foam materials. Learn more about our recycling process on our sustainability page.

Do you offer recycled products?

Yes. A number of our paper-based options contain recycled material.


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