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API is proud of the accomplishments of our workforce both on the job and in the community. Please take a moment to read the stories below and familiarize yourself with the quality professionals who bring to you the packaging and logistics expertise we trust you will come to rely upon.

Military Cargo Plane

API on track for future DoD needs

Aug 19, 2009 - Columbus, Ohio

When we think of logistics for the military, we usually think in terms of getting the proper materiel to the forces on time, at the correct location, and in the condition requested. But then, that is what we do when we are supporting our war-fighting men and women deployed to far away lands. So what happens when the deployments draw down, and our forces and their equipment need to return home to America? You guessed it …“reverse logistics”.

At the annual DSCC Land & Maritime Supply Chains Conference held in Columbus, Ohio in August, we got a glimpse into this process. The commander of the Defense Logistics Agency, the organization charged with the overall logistical mission for the Department of Defense, Vice Admiral Alan Thompson, noted that, “… the responsible draw down of materiel from Iraq,” remained his number one strategic focus area for 2010.

With the record of performance and reputation which API enjoys within the Defense Industrial Base and its commercial contractors, API is well positioned to assume a variety of roles in the removal of that equipment from the Middle East. Whether short or long-term storage, unique and necessary packaging or preservation for sensitive and costly components and parts, or for the fulfillment - piece parts into larger components or larger components dissembled into piece parts - API stands ready to respond as they traditionally have for our Soldiers and Marines.

Other News

API is on the grow ... Again

Jul 21, 2009

API has moved into a newly renovated facility.


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